The house creative writing essay

Homes helps us grow, develop and help us form opinions about ourselves and the world.

The house creative writing essay

The house creative writing essay

The Abandoned House Dust lay over every surface Like dirty snow, pristine dust layer, not a foot print anywhere, dust bunnies the size of bowling balls tumbled across the floor boards toward unseen skittles, free papers piled up to the letter box and cascaded all the way to the foot of the rough wooden stairs, old tea cups lay on a coffee table thickly encrusted with dried up mould, dust covered mirrors, smell of mildew, stale air, air thick with dust, shafts of light bursting through gaps in the boarded up window, light treating through the gaps in the heavy velvet curtains, absolute silence, not even the hum of a refrigerator, the houses only occupants weaved their webs between the spindles of the stair banisters and from the ceiling to the wall, old cobwebs billowed in the draft.

The silent, almost grim desolation of the cottage was a curious and striking contrast to the cheerful aspect of all the others which I had seen in the neighborhood, and this it was that tempted me to cross a stile that was close to the gate and stroll up to the cottage.

The windows had been barred up with timber that was Glenn way In some places.

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When we got there, we were all pointing out how lame and UN-abandoned it looked, and when we go inside the house there were only a few spiders. The carpet was a bit stained, and there was a lot of dust.

But it was Just another duplex in a row of duplexes, and further Investigation revealed a hydroponics system filled with algae, the most Interesting thing In the entire place. Again I could feel the burning eyes. They all had drooping spider webs clinging onto them.

The hallway floor was wooden and creaky with a brown and green pattered runner going down the middle leading me to the front door and the staircase.

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The front door was a double door with stained glass windows and an old welcome mat buried. To the right of it was a little wooden table with a clear glass vase with dead flowers drooping from It.

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The house creative writing essay

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