Stylistic analysis of i i have a dreami essay

The American Dream—that hard work can lead one from rags to riches—has been a core facet of American identity since its inception.

Stylistic analysis of i i have a dreami essay

He took an enormous risk in delivering this speech, knowing that many white folks, as well as the US government would surely want his head for delivering a speech such as this one. However, he stood tall and brave, and inspired an entire nation to change. Lincoln was a very powerful who played a critical role in shaping America in his time as President.

He empowered the American people throughout the civil war, gained the trust of America and established a new sense of freedom that would live on until today.

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MLK is invoking the authority of Lincoln to strengthen his own view on civil rights. Therefore, this quote provides a strong appeal to ethos, and establishes credibility with his audience.

The utilization of this quote is for the purpose of showing that MLK has a supreme authority on his side. He is stating that the American government has not lived up to this promise to all American citizens, and has neglected to safeguard its authority.

By doing so, he establishes his credibility, by referring to the authority of a great American, and our own Constitution. Metaphors, another useful rhetorical device, are essential to help audiences fully understand an idea.

It compares an idea with something the audience is familiar with, which brings about feelings such as ethos and pathos. MLK used metaphors to further address his point to the audience in a clear, create, and concise manor.

Both of these metaphors are related to ethos, because the first metaphor relates to the human ethic of keeping promises between one another. Meanwhile, the second metaphor speaks of torture, something that evokes pathos in the reader, who can feel the pain of African-Americans in their fight for freedom.

These metaphors used by MLK are aimed to make the audience, as well as the world, recognize that continued racial injustice would lead to complete chaos in the future, while racial equality will lead to a beautiful society for centuries to come.

Therefore, MLK convinced the world that by giving blacks equal rights, the entire nation as a whole would greatly benefit. MLK utilized a series of rhetorical questions, as well as ethos and pathos, to enhance the meaning of his speech.

When in the middle section of his speech, MLK says that whites ask black activists when blacks will be satisfied with their position in society. He then answers this question by stating that blacks will not be satisfied as long as long as social equality is not achieved.

Stylistic analysis of i i have a dreami essay

MLK then conjures up the feelings of blacks in the crowd with his rhetorical question, by including the various examples of racial injustices towards black citizens when he answers himself. This is intended to display pathos, as it is very effective in bringing upon the anger and frustration felt by the large majority of black citizens in the crowd.

In turn, this inspires them to do everything possible to end the injustices they have been endured for the past centuries. At the time, America was in the grips of racism and segregation, making the lives of many blacks a living hell.

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It managed to inspire a generation of blacks to never give up and made thousands of white Americans bitterly ashamed of their actions, forging a new start for society.

Even now, it continues to make generations of people, not just Americans, give up their racist beliefs and advocate for social equality. Without MLK, America would be most likely heavily segregated today.

His excellent ability to blend his stirring rhetoric, with exquisite use of literary devices persuaded hundreds of thousands of people to support the blacks instead of treating them unfairly, and is why this speech changed the course of American history for centuries to come.May 07,  · This is every MW that was posted in our unofficial showcase thread, for the benefit and reading/viewing pleasure of the class of I haven’t.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

We will write a custom essay sample on Critical Analysis Of ‘I Have A Dream Read Also: Critical Thinking Essay Example. Other than literary devices, the speech also uses enumeration or cataloguing in certain parts of the speech to run through facts and make a more authoritative or valid statement.

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