Research proposal in nursing shortage

January 4, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 Health care is an industry that must provide medical care to the entire population of the country following the State guarantees. And the need for doctors, pediatric paramedics, nurses and midwives, and other nursing personnel is determined not only by the level of morbidity and mortality from some or other causes but also by the structure of the medical network and institutional and medical technologies used.

Research proposal in nursing shortage

Negative Affects of Nursing Shortage on Patient Care Study findings indicate that a connection exists between adequate nursing staffing and patient care and specifically state in the findings of the latest studies published in the journals of Health Services Research August and the Journal of Nursing Administration May are findings that confirm previous study findings linking education level and patient outcomes.

This indicates that "…efforts to address the nursing shortage must focus on preparing more baccalaureate-prepared nurses in order to ensure access to high quality, safe patient care.

the ongoing nursing shortage, the high cost of replacing a hospital nurse, and ultimately, the data the hospital had gathered, a secondary data analysis research design was used to further examine these exit interviews for patterns or trends. Using the MLQ Survey, a quantitative. Author Karen L. Egenes in her book the “Nursing Shortage in the U.S.: A Historical Perspective” states that the nursing shortage has been cyclical, with those in the higher positions in healthcare administration and schools not always believing there is a shortage. ABSTRACT. In our integrative review of reports on the health care workforce shortage, we examined 15 reports that focused primarily on nursing and were conducted by various stakeholders.

Increases in registered nurse staffing was associated with reductions in hospital-related mortality and failure to rescue as well as reduced length of stays. In settings with inadequate staffing, patient safety was compromised.

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These strategies include those as follows: AACN, Other strategies include necessary grant funding to assist more individuals to enter college in the nursing program as well as for enabling an increase in schools of nursing faculty. Hospitals are also reported to be using educational strategies for addressing nurse shortages.

These strategies are stated to include those as follows: Kaiser Family Foundation, the Kaiser Family Foundation report states that typical solutions used in the past to address the nursing shortage "have included wage increases and recruiting nurses from other countries…" Kaiser Family Foundation, However, these solutions are expected by experts to have little impact since these are only short-term solutions.

Required in addressing the nursing shortage are attention and efforts which aim "both at recruitment and retention of nurses. High levels of job dissatisfaction related to scheduling, unrealistic workloads, mandatory overtime, and hospital administrators' lack of responsiveness to nurses' concerns have resulted in high turnover and early retirement among RNs.

Summary and Conclusion There are still issues of debate among policymakers in addressing the current nursing shortage however, a focus on recruitment and retention strategies have been identified as being key toward increasing the level of individuals who enter the nursing profession as well as those who remain in the nursing profession following graduation from college.

There is no 'pat' answer or simple solution to solving the current nursing professional shortage however, answers and solutions are critically necessary just as are bringing about an increase in both recruitment and retention of nursing professionals in the future workforce.RESEARCH PROPOSAL Nursing shortage Clinical errors Quality of patient care Outcome of patient care Working conditions Job satisfaction & emotional well being Operationalize Variables Workload Length of the shift, working overtime, how many patients are on the unit, what is the acuity of the patients.

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Nursing Shortage This work in writing will take under consideration the fact that there has been a nursing shortage and will attempt to answer the question of whether nursing has been positively or negatively affected by this shortage of nurses.

This work will also examine the changes needed in the future to deal with or alleviate the shortage of . A relatively small proportion of nursing schools provide research-oriented doctoral training: about 17 percent (93 schools) of the member schools of the American Asso-ciation of Colleges of Nursing and less than 7 percent of all 1, U.S.

nursing schools The Nursing Faculty Shortage.

Research proposal in nursing shortage

Topic. Nursing Shortage and Management. Research Question.

Research proposal in nursing shortage

How could the healthcare industry address the nursing shortage and what is the importance of continuing professional development in the medical care system? RESEARCH DRAFT PROPOSAL Background and Significance of the Problem: Nursing shortages have occurred for some time throughout our history, the majority of the nursing shortage .

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