Benedict arnold marked as a traitor essay

Inhe entered into mercantile business with his sons Richard and Henry in Saint John, New Brunswick, but returned to London to settle permanently inwhere he died ten years later. The surname Arnold should be removed from the Peggy Shippen link.

Benedict arnold marked as a traitor essay

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The Life Of Benedict Arnold Essay Sample. Introduction. Benedict Arnold – a name that has been associated, even equated with treason, treachery, and dishonor. SS7 CH9 Louis Riel Essay Teagan Moore Louis Riel is known by many names: a prophet, a traitor, and a madman. Out of them all, Riel is regarded as a hero, who stood up for his people in the face of the Canadian government, and those who question his sanity . The Life Of Benedict Arnold Essay Sample. Introduction. Benedict Arnold – a name that has been associated, even equated with treason, treachery, and dishonor.

There was once a time wherein that name owned a very prestigious title — Major General Benedict Arnold. However, without Benedict Arnold, America will not be the way it is today. America might not even be the United States but instead would have been nothing more than another British colony.

This may sound preposterous as most history books and encyclopedias have condemned the man for the past 3 centuries but a thorough and objective study of his life, military career and a critical analysis of his perfidy will make apparent his contribution to American society.

This study will tackle his military career starting from the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain to his eventually treachery. A brief discussion of his life with Peggy Shippen and will also be deliberated.

Through these, a glimpse of his personality will be seen. He grudgingly shared this victory with Ethan Allen. Two commissions were given to occupy Fort Ticonderoga.

It was a very strategic fort since it connected the rebellious Thirteen colonies with and those in British-controlled Canada. Benedict Arnold was given his commission by the Massachusetts Committee of Safety, while unknowingly, Ethan Allen and others from Connecticut decided to go on a campaign to possess Fort Ticonderoga as well.

Upon meeting in Castleton, Arnold demanded that he get superior command of all the troops but the Green Mountain Boys, the militia men that Allen gathered in Connecticut, refused to attack Fort Ticonderoga unless they were under the command of Ethan Allen. Eventually, a shared command was agreed upon and Fort Ticonderoga was occupied without one bullet being shot.

As Ethan Allen left the Fort, Benedict Arnold decided to garrison the Fort himself but when Colonel Hinman was sent with reinforcing troops and was given command of Ticonderoga with Arnold as second, Arnold, dejected, resigned from the post.

This was the very first instance when Benedict Arnold felt that his efforts were not being appreciated. This campaign brought more glory to Ethan Allen than to Arnold, when Arnold felt that he was the one who thought up the plan to take Fort Ticonderoga in the first place.

It could also be that his glory was shadowed by the dubious accounting that Arnold presented Congress.


His accounting of the expense of the campaign was an inflated amount of the actual price. He denied having manipulated the books but legislators became wary of the man.

After the Continental Army was formed, the Canadians were invited to join the war against the British as part of the fourteenth colony but the Canadians refused.

This being so, Major General Philip Schuyler decided to invade Canada in the hopes that by occupying Montreal, the Canadians will be forced to aid in the war against England.

Benedict Arnold amended this plan by suggesting that the invasion of Canada be a two pronged attack — while Maj. This was approved by George Washington and the attack on Canada commenced. However, nobody liked his overbearing and arrogant personality.

The Life Of Benedict Arnold | Essay Example

The British Army headed by General John Burgoyne intended to invade New York through the Hudson River in the hopes of ending the war and to sever any communication between the colonies and New England.

Gates and Arnold were totally different kinds of commanders. Gates was more conventional and conservative while Arnold was innovative and aggressive. It is due to this innovation and aggression that Arnold manipulated the troops to confront the British Army, leading to their eventual surrender in October 17, Despite, the conventionalism and conservatism of Gates, Arnold took it upon himself to order the troops around the battlefield.

According to the correspondence between Arnold and Gates, Arnold wrote: During the time that he was recuperating from his leg wound continuously refusing amputation, the Battle of Saratoga continued on with Gates receiving all the laurels at the end of it. Instead he commended other officers and said in passing that Arnold was brave during the assault.

The Battle in Saratoga is one of the most significant battles, if not the most significant, during the American Revolution.

Benedict Arnold: EFFECT ON American History

Because of the victory garnered in this war, France decided to join and aid the revolutionists against British colonial rule. This provided the revolution with the proper supplies, money and military reinforcements which they desperately needed to win the war. He was then made governor of Philadelphia, formerly occupied by the British and filled with British loyalists.

Even after she was married she maintained her friendship with Andre and kept constant communication with him.Benedict Arnold: Marked as a Traitor Essay - Benedict Arnold was an American hero.

He might have even been the best general the United States had.

The Life Of Benedict Arnold Essay Sample

But during a bleak moment of envy, hurt and distrust, an admirable leader . Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Cnnecticut on January 14, In his early life, he was apprenticed to an apothecary, or druggist. In , at the age of 20, he moved to New Haven, Connecticut, after his father's death.

Benedict arnold marked as a traitor essay

Benedict Arnold was quite a soldier. He began his military career as a militiaman in the French and Indian War.

His second /5(2). The funny thing about Benedict Arnold is that before he was one of this country’s worst traitors in history to date, he really was a hero to this country. He quite arguably turned traitor due to the fact that after all he had given his country, we lost considerable interest .

Benedict Arnold The name Benedict Arnold has become a synonym for a traitor to one's country. In the first years of the American Revolution, however, Arnold was a brilliant and dashing general, highly respected for his service to the patriot cause (see Revolution, American). Talk:Benedict Arnold.

Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is supported by the military biography work group (marked as Low-importance). Benedict Arnold is literally used to call someone a traitor in the US, which is the basis for his notability in the US.

Elsewhere he's a footnote of history. Benedict Arnold: traitor or hero The average kid grows up learning that Benedict Arnold is known as the one of the greatest leaders of all times. He was a well-respected general but yet congress would not acknowledge him for his heroism.

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